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Chicago Police Stars with Let’s Go Chicago.




Prayers for Lamar Odom

As you may have heard, Lamar Odom is brain dead. Former NBA player and ex-husband of reality TV star Khloe Kardashian per CNN. Then they call him a reality TV star who was found unconscious at brothel.


Kim and Kris rushed to his bedside with a camera crew. Disrespectful.

A bunch of hoes was with him. Disrespectful.


He had 8 eight balls. Insane.

Track marks to show signs of heroine abuse. Addiction is real.

As we already know he was troubled before Khloe so there is no curse. Yet maybe there is a curse as she may inherit his $5o million dollars, not his children because he has no will.

He was born to a drug addicted father, he was raised by his grandmother after his mother passed away from colon cancer. His six-month-old son died from SIDS in 2006, and in 2011, while returning to New York for a cousin’s funeral, he was a passenger in a car accident that killed a 15-year-old boy. He’s long battled substance abuse problems, including at least one reported rehab stint. “Life is so fragile,” Odom told the New York Times in 2006. “I’ve got so much to live for.”


No more Cookies

Taraji P. Henson would like her fans to stop sending her cookies because of course, Empire.
45 year old Taraji also stated during her Jimmy Kimmel appearance that Michelle Obama invited her to a White House state dinner. She was unable to attend due to her work schedule.


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